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Hello. I hope someone can give me a clue since I don't speak German. My husband and I have recently moved to Germany where he has a child from first marriage living already. Jugendamt has sent him a request to pay child support of about 300EUR, based on his net salary of 1500 EUR. My questions are: 1. Will that amount change because I am pregnant and still haven't registered address in Germany (we don't have an appartment yet)?
2. He receives no Kindergeld for the child, can it be deducted from child support money?
3. Can child support be in any way a tax relief either on the salary or the end-of-the-year tax?
Thank you in advance for any info you may provide.


1. Yes, when the child is born and he can provide evidence that he pays child support or that he lives with the child. As 300 is the bare minimum, he may be asked to get a second job or a higher paying job.
2. This should already be included in the calculation
3. In most cases: no
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